Our son has been at KAMA for a little over a year and he absolutely loves it! The instructors are all wonderful. They really love the kids and are so enthusiastic. They have high standards and they hold the kids to them. Since our son started karate, we have noticed him improve in several areas such as coordination, physical fitness, and self-control. He is more self-confident also. The flexibility in the classes you can attend during the week is very helpful for busy schedules.

If you are looking for a karate program for your child to be involved in, we highly recommend Knoxville Academy of Martial Arts! We love being part of the KAMA family!

Heather Moore Moats

Very awesome place! We feel confident in the capability of the instructors to teach and have fun. We are very happy with the curriculum and hands on training that our son is receiving from the instructors. We love the flexibility of the schedule, and the value for the price is unbeatable! We are very happy at KAMA!

David S.

Kids Martial Arts near Knoxville
Zoë wanted to start to learn Jiu-jitsu to help with her ground defense when the class was first offered. Fast forward 1 1/2 years and she is still sticking with it and getting stronger every day. Jiu-jitsu has helped her grow her confidence and allow her to protect herself especially if she gets taken to the ground. Deuce and Ace do a fantastic job at challenging the kids and keeping them engaged with learning the fundamentals and the philosophy behind the moves. She was hooked the day I asked a much larger boy to pin her on the mat and try to hold her down. Zoë was able to take the dominant position and submit him what seemed to be effortless. Needless to say, the skills attained learning this skill will help her many years to come and allow her to defend herself when many can’t.

Omar Hasan

The school and instructors are the best of the best. It has been an honor to have my son be a part of their program for so long.

Alison Finn

We love the KAMA experience and family! Our son who can be a little timid was made to feel so welcome and comfortable immediately and he has jumped right in! His energy and confidence is soaring along with his focus and listening skills. We couldn’t be happier with the professional dojo, flexible schedules, weekly themes, and engaging instructors. Such a great place to be! We look forward to getting our youngest involved as soon as he is old enough. They also offer summer camps and after school programs (they will pick your children up from Farragut schools!!) Thank you to all the staff for making us a part of the KAMA family!

Brooke L.

Our son absolutely loves going to Karate here. The first few classes he was so nervous and would get upset and they were so patient & kind with him! Now he's the first one to run in & get ready. He's always asking when his next class time is. You definitely won't regret bringing your child here. Love how they structure the classes. He's learned so much!

Amanda Dickey Key

I dont think anyone could ever say anything bad about KAMA. They are amazing. My 4 year old son was so scared and hardly wanted to participate the first 2 or 3 visits. He was so nervous, but the staff went above and beyond to make my son feel welcome and got him super excited for class each time. I cant recommend them enough. You really do feel like family there.

Shania H.

My son loves doing karate here. He is always asking when he can go do a lesson. The instructors are so good with all the kids.

Catie Branam

I am so happy we found this Amazing Martial Arts Academy!! Our whole family is able to take classes and we all enjoy them very much!! This place has made a truly wonderful and profound difference in our lives! My 12 year old son had a stroke a birth and the owner and all instructors are so great with him and encouraging to achieve more than we ever thought possible!! They truly care about all of their students well being, discipline and core values of a Black belt student on and off the mat!! If you are looking for a Martial Arts Academy to enrich your family's life look no further than Knoxville Academy of Martial Arts, KAMA!! The Best in all of Knoxville!! Proud to be part of this amazing family!

Shannon A.

We came by KAMA today for our first Trial class. My boys are 3 and 4 years old. They have never been a part of something like this before. It was so amazing to watch their eyes and hearts light up! We got there early and were able to sit and watch the older kids finish their class and my boys were so excited! Everyone was very welcoming and helped to guide them on what to do and how to follow the class. But the most amazing part of this experience for me was seeing for myself that these classes are about way more than just karate or martial arts... They are about being healthy, being a part of a group, being respectful, having manners and being able to follow directions and most importantly they are about self esteem, self image and building these young kids up in a way that only they can. They even take time out during the class to all sit down together and talk about manners and right and wrong, they talked about how we never hit others and that we always show respect to everyone all the time. I loved everything about it. I am actually thinking of joining myself. I can not wait to watch this experience change my boys for the better and see how they grow, learn and adapt with the help of KAMA. Special thanks to all of the instructors for what they do. I have a feeling it is way greater than they even know. ❤️

Seana Harman

My six year old son recently started the beginner class at KAMA. In just one month we have seen a dramatic improvement in his ability to focus. He is also demonstrating exceptional manners during interactions with adults. I love KAMA and I am so thankful for what they are doing in my son’s life. We also enjoyed a fantastic birthday party that wore all of the kids out! It was great as well!!

Megan B.

My family loves everything about this establishment! Especially their enthusiasm when it comes to teaching my child!

Audrey Faso

KAMA is amazing! Our family enjoys a variety of classes (kickboxing, karate, and jiu jitsu) with a great range of times to attend. The variety of classes has helped us be consistent and to grow.

Communication is way above average. They keep us well informed and up to date of all activities. The instructors are easy to talk to, great listeners, and well prepared!

Sarah M.

My nine-year-old has been taking lessons for about four months and we couldn't be more thrilled with every aspect of this school. I'm particularly impressed with how the staff treats the students and the environment they have created. The lessons cover many things in addition to the karate moves. My child LOVES going to the lessons and my husband and I are very grateful that we are part of the KAMA family!

Terry Madison Bednarz

Absolutely fabulous! Great rapport with my children and extremely nice facility. We could not be happier to be a part of KAMA.

Overton Family

great environment for kids to learn positive behavior and respect for others that will carry them thru life. in addition the sense of pride that comes with hard work and success seen in physical fitness and belt promotions. confidence built like this never leaves ones side!

Mark C Nawrocki

This establishment has the best programs for karate, jujitsu, kickboxing, and adult programs too. To say the employees are amazing would be an understatement! Everyone makes you feel wanted and included. This program has something for everyone!

Angela W.

My son and I both trained under Master Butturini and his staff, earning our black belts in 2008 and 2011. We loved learning karate from the KAMA staff and truly felt like part of the family. I’d highly recommend the school to anyone looking to study martial arts and develop themselves as a person!

Shelby Hill Brooks

My boys love going to karate each week. Everyone at KAMA is so great and do an amazing job with the students. I'm so glad we are able to be a part of a wonderful place!

Lindsey A.

I have so many great things to say about KAMA!! If you want to surround your family with good people, this is the place to be! Feel free to PM me with questions.

The tuition cost was higher than other sports/activities we had done in the past and I wasn’t sure how it would go when I first enrolled my 6 year old 1st grader. After he earned his first 2 belts, there was no turning back for us. Unlike activities like soccer, basketball, swim lessons, we don’t have discussions like do you want to do it again next season, it is just part of our normal routine and he loves going.

The FLEXIBILITY of being able to choose different class times and days is HUGE; this is the hands down the #1 reason that I could make the commitment to my child that I would get him there with the frequency that was expected AND that he would still have adequate room for school work, other extra-curricular activities, and unstructured free-time. He now goes 2x /week to the new after school program. He loves it and has made new friends and the convenience has even further removed my stress of making sure I get him there regularly and on time. They offer occasional parent night outs and pop-up day camps when schools closed for inclement weather and flooding. We don’t have family locally and I know I can depend on my extended KAMA family to offer help before I even ask for it.

The instructors are excellent and you can see that they really put their all into every class and every child. The staff communication is top notch and they are super approachable. Kids learn karate and build physical endurance, but they also have a ton of fun and learn positive behavior and respect for others. Gradually over the first 6 months, I noticed a tremendous difference in our child’s focus and attention, not just at KAMA but at home, in school, and other sports. Yes some of this naturally comes with age but much of it is very deliberate and intentional through the consistent coaching. Our rising kindergartener finally decided to join and I can already see the positive impacts for him.

Rebecca Leitch

My 10 year old daughter has been at KAMA for more than 2 years, and loves it! The program is well structured, classes are convenient, and the character development integrated into the program is outstanding. Master Butturini and Ms. Oran truly are fantastic!

Diana C.

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